Scheduled Tours

There are many events that happen in Africa. Our scheduled tours are designed to get you in on the action.

Wildebeest migrate annually in a very specific pattern and time frame. National parks have their peak seasons and scheduled events. The exotic birds of Africa also have their scheduled migrations.

If you have a specific event in mind you’d like to see, save yourself the burden of research and book your scheduled tour with us!

To book your Scheduled Tour, reserve your spot with the upfront fee and simply pay the difference before your tour begins!

$100.00 Wildebeest migration

Wildebeest Migration 2020 – Migration season


The awesome Wildebeest migration. Thousands of wildebeest migrate every year. Booking this tour will allow you to witness a true spectacle.


Wildebeest migration 2020 – Calving season

Witness the birth of 8,000 + calves in this great advent of life.