The Benefits of Travel Insurance When Traveling to Africa

June 18, 2020

Imagine seeing crocodiles sprawled across the Grumeti River, or peering at tree-climbing lions with Lake Mayanara National Park as a backdrop. If this sounds like an exciting adventure to you, traveling to Africa is an excellent choice for your next trip.

Africa’s vibrant landscape provides opportunities for visitors ranging from safaris in Zanzibar to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! Of course, there’s far more than just the traditional safari out there as well. At Nature Tours Africa LLC, we also offer cultural safaris, where you can travel with guides to local towns and learn about the fantastic environmental initiatives happening all across the continent.

But when you start to plan your journey, don’t forget about travel insurance! Travel insurance not only offers you peace of mind but also ensures your trip goes smoothly.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance protects you from potential issues you could encounter on your trip. Traveling, especially internationally, is a significant investment. Purchasing insurance provides security financially, allowing you to rest assured that the cost of your trip is covered.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance can cover a wide range of unforeseen circumstances. Some of these include:


One of the most common reasons travelers choose to purchase insurance is in case they become ill in a foreign country. The health insurance you may have in your home country is unlikely to apply if you require health care on your trip. Some facilities also require payment for care upfront rather than billing it, which can be a significant expense that you don’t want to pay for out of pocket.

Travel insurance covers emergency medical evacuation, as well, which can be necessary for an emergency in a more remote area.  One example of this is air evacuation. While it can save your life, the process can cost over $100,000 when not covered by any insurance. Needing emergency medical transportation is unlikely, but it’s better to be prepared than stuck with a bill you can’t pay.

Choosing the right travel insurance plan can help protect you in cases such as cancellation or illness.


For many people, traveling overseas to go on an African safari is an investment. An adventure like our weeklong safari to see the annual wildebeest migration in Tanzania requires detailed planning on our end as well as yours.

However, even with careful planning, situations that can impede your plans can arise. Perhaps someone in your party becomes too ill to leave home before the trip begins, or there is a family emergency that makes it impossible for you to travel. Good insurance takes this into account when creating your plan for coverage.

Minor mishaps

Travel insurance can also cover the smaller mishaps that can get in the way of your trip. That can include a flight that is delayed for more than a few hours or a suitcase that gets lost or takes a long time to get back to you.

When you’re embarking across the world, you’ll be bringing some important items. You want to ensure they are covered should anything happen.

Are there different kinds of travel insurance?

Not all travel insurance options are created equal. It’s easy to lean toward choosing the least expensive options out there, some of the higher-end companies are more expensive because they cover higher costs as well.

In most cases, the travel insurance companies you can choose from are based on your country of residence. We recommend you research the options available in your area.

Some considerations to take into account when choosing your insurance include:

Are children coming with you on your trip?

Bringing kids can add both excitement and unpredictability to international travel and may warrant additional insurance coverage.

Do you travel frequently?

Some companies have year-long travel insurance plans, designed for travelers taking multiple trips. However, if you’re currently only planning for one big vacation, choosing a plan for that trip would be a better choice for you.

Do you have preexisting health conditions?

Some medical travel insurance plans have specific options for those with preexisting health conditions. If this is a consideration for you, be sure to clarify this option with your chosen insurance company.

There are different types of travel insurance to choose from ensuring you’re covered for your trip.

How do I make sure the full cost of the trip is covered?

When buying a plan, make sure to read the fine print. Most plans only cover the specific items set out in the documents by your insurance policy.

Insurance plans also vary based on the maximum cost that they cover per traveler on a trip. However, some companies have options to extend coverage over the entire trip. Be sure to determine whether your whole trip is covered when creating your plan.

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Getting all squared away with travel insurance is key to having a stress-free trip to the African savanna. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your adventure, reach out to our team today!

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